Keeping track of important dates in 2024

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Well, it’s time to publish a new Calendar for the new year 2024! Our schedules are busy as the needs of our community continue to be a challenge. but together we got this!

Your Invited!

I believe the flyer says it all. We are having a special live January 22, 2024 online to answer many questions and concerns. Plus, we would like to share our mission and vision. So please if you care about Muncie?

If you care out the Homeless Community?

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We would love for you to get more involved and learn all about how we can make a difference TOGETHER. The Shepherds Heart and Hands Ministries is Muncie’s Non Profit Organization for Change!
WE ARE DOING THIS WORK TOGETHER! Yes, you play an important part. we need not only your support but your input. From time to time, we will have a special event and we are thinking our monthly lives with questions and answers. Does this sound important? It should be. We are right now all volunteers working together to help East Central Section of Indiana learn how one community can impact another. Right now we are focusing on Muncie and going to show other communities how we can keep our city increased homelessness. but the sad truth is we must look at what is happening in our state as well to see if homelessness is growing and I can tell you it is. But I will break down the truth about homelessness and the solutions to solve homelessness. Learn more by joining us for a special live Monday Jan 22, 2024 on our YouTube Channel. Click Here!

Stay informed and help support us!