Christmas for the Homeless

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Each year those who lost everything must face the coldest seasons fighting for survival the hardships of being homeless.

When it’s cold and it snows, being homeless is not camping but a time or great hardships!
Once a Year we look to stop the death, depression and help else as much as possible this great hardships.

This year with your help we can help a homeless women, veteran, and even pets with more than an event.
But yes, fresh clothing, bedding, a new pillows, Tents, and Tarps and much needed sleeping bags.
Plus Our Christmas in the Woods event helps the homeless feel that someone cares.

We know that the holidays is the hardest times. We all miss our families and loved ones.
but for a homeless man or women, being out in the cold on Christmas can easily lead to death,
depression and the desire to give up and given in.
Local Homeless in Muncie Indiana living in Homeless Camp Tent City.
Every week, I feed the homeless with our mobile outreach which goes out to the homeless in Muncie. 

We are doing more than just an Event

God cares about every soul. That includes the Homeless, orphans, widows, families that just need a break. Today its hard keeping up with inflation. The cost of rents and utilities is not like times ago. We hear the testimonies over and over again about the rents going up and the pay check staying the same. What can someone do?

We at The Shepherds Heart and Hands sees the need for affordable solutions and flexible options for living and employment.

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