We are Fundraising with Little Casars all Month!

We are Proud to offer you an opportunity to help America’s Homeless when you order any of the specials being offered by Little Cesars!

How does it work?
You can help The Shepherds Heart and Hands Ministry when you decide to order online either one of the many online pizza specials that allow you to get a Pizza Kit at Home and get to baking with Little Caesars authentic Pizza Kit delivered to your home through Fed Ex Special Food delivery trucks or you can choose to get your pizza today by ordering the special code that will allow you to get your order at your local Little Caesars by purchasing your special code online! The Special Meal Deals, The Extra Large Family Deals with 2 little soda’s, The pizza and bread stick combos. You name it there is a package for you! Again look at the Pizza Kits or the Codes either way you win and so do we!

Thank you for Helping Local Needs when you support this local fundraiser!

Joseph Romero
Founder and Outreach Specialist
Shepherds Heart and Hands

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